The Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch is the ideal switch for the mid-size organization or branch office to be used in the wiring closet. It comes with a variety of configuration options and provides several custom options about port length, media form and accessibility of Power over Ethernet (PoE). Check WS-C3750X-48PF-E.

The Cisco 3750 uses the “StackWise” technology from Cisco which enables users to create a single 32-Gbps switching unit consisting of up to nine Cisco Catalyst Series switches. This technology enables excellent resilience, tolerance to failures, redundancy and scalability.

The Cisco’s “StackWise” capability is a huge advantage and one that could be used in scenarios where the environment might grow (or shrink) and you wanted the flexibility to be able to add and remove switches when needed. Because these devices are stacked together, you can change the overall switching footprint as needed.

For example , let’s assume you have an initial need for 60 users, but know that this need might expand over time. In this case you can deploy three 24 port switches or 2 48 port switches as a stack to form one logical switch to handle the immediate requirement. You ‘d then have the ability to easily add additional switches to the stack as user requirements expand. However, the total number of switches may only be up to nine physical units in a given stack.

Several Cisco 3750 models are available, supporting the Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet options for 24 and 48 port. Ports requiring Power over Ethernet (PoE) also have product options to accommodate. In addition, the product line-up includes different types of media, including the more common copper-based ports, and various fiber options. Most models use Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports for the capabilities to uplink.

In a recent deployment we had a new 3-story building location requiring switch ports for around 200 users per floor. Additionally we needed PoE switch ports to power IP Phones users. By adding in each closet the necessary Cisco 3750 switches to the stack, we were able to meet the requirements and provide a stable and resilient topology for the network switching.

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