Choice Can Be Bad and Good

Finding a good packaging designer for many businesses can be simple, by choosing one from a range of different designers, or frustrating, by the sheer variety of agencies around. A bit like going into a music shop and going straight to what you’re looking for, or being overwhelmed by the sheer choice of going through.

When choosing the correct designer to work with (working with indicating that they need to work with you rather than only designing the packaging) there are a variety of variables to consider; but selecting the wrong designer will result in a product that will not be marketed.Interested readers can find more information about them at package design.


Does packaging designer have experience designing items similar to yours? If your product is for retail, for children under the age of 7, then it is not very sensible to talk to a designer who has experience in the medical sector. You ‘d better talk to a product designer with expertise in designing for the retail industry and know how to reach children of that gender & age group.

Every designer has different experiences in the retail, medical, books , toys, chocolates, etc. so it is very wise to select one that has done design work in your market.


Visiting a designer is always wise, although planning and discussion can take place via e-mail; real communication should be kept to meetings face to face. This gives an opportunity to ‘chew the cud’ and thrash out the details in depth.

A meeting also gives the opportunity to control the attention of 100 percent of the designers (instead of responding to your email while listening to music and writing a friend) and to ensure that they are fully focused on your needs rather than just being ‘another client.’

Price: Preis

Price is always a factor; the price of any business (especially the smaller ones) will be a determining factor for which designer is chosen. It is unwise to select the cheapest based on price, because the final product is unlikely to be as good as it might have been if you had paid a little more; but prices are to be weighed when compared with others.

The best advice that can be given when talking to various packaging designers is to take your time, once you get one in place, do not try to select a designer. Take your time to look around at different designers; look at their portfolio’s (to make sure they have the right experience in your market) and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. You should be able to get a feel for what they are, speed of service, if they can take initiative, if they offer value for money etc. by talking to a few ‘current’ customers.