Barriers to Mortgage Company Growth

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Over the past twelve months, I have had the privilege of traveling around the world and meeting hundreds of mortgage company owners and thousands of credit creators personally. While I heard a great deal of frustration and uncertainty, I heard a great deal of inspiration and promise too. One thing is for sure, the market has shifted and both owners and originators need to come together and work towards the ultimate objective of running a profit-making business. Math has to replace wonder.Visit them at Mortgage brokers in Overland Park to get additional information.

As a result of the recent slowdown many loan officers have “jumped ship” or left the industry altogether for small increases in revenue splits. It’s about human nature. If for the same sum of money you can do less work then why wouldn’t you? The loan officer will most of the time take their client base with them.

That poses a variety of obstacles, some can be avoided and some are not. The firm must continually hire loan officers of equal quality to offset the loss off revenue. This means you have to increase the break of the new loan officer or have any other opportunities to make him / her jump ship, due to the current market conditions. This is almost impossible given the current level of loan officer splits. And once you create a split, you know; you can never “pull back” without a significant risk of losing that individual. The dynamic generated can be referred to as “the loop of dependency on the loan officer.” As the owner, you are continually faced with the option of losing key staff or the revenue sharing to the point of marginal income. In investing this is called chasing the last dollar.

Missed opportunities

Another significant challenge is the notion that “their” clients are loans written by someone other than the owner. It goes in both directions. Both the owners and the loan officers want their customer base “protected.” This fragmented treatment prevents most businesses from leveraging a low-cost centralized marketing strategy that will enable both the loan officer and the owner to market to ALL customers continuously. It is understandable that loan officers who self-generate would rather lose a refinancing opportunity than expose their pipeline to constant solicitation. The net result, for both, is missed opportunities and lost revenue.

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Senior Care Or ElderCare – Important Stuff to Know As Your Grow Older

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According to Wikipedia: “Elderly care or simply elder care is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements unique to senior citizens. This broad term includes services such as assisted living, adult day care , long-term care , nursing homes, hospice care, and in-home care.You may want to check out senior care for more.

Relevant To Know

  1. Your loved one may be in a safe, wholesome and happy environment.
  2. You have a lot of choices to consider.
  3. Ressources are available to help you make an informed decision about what’s best for your loved one.
  4. Choose a trustworthy organization with experience to help find the right location that meets a range of needs; for example, Assisted and Independent Senior Living; Retreat Communities; Personal Care; Alzheimer’s Disease Care; Skilled Care and Dementia Care.
  5. Please be conscious that there are 3 categories when choosing a retirement community:

(1) ACTIVE (Residential units. No long-term hospital facilities-a.k.a. “independent living communities”)

(2) ACTIVE / SUPPORTIVE Neighborhoods (Combination of residential and healthcare properties-a.k.a. “continuing retirement care”)

(3) SUPPORTIVE communities (Long-term health care units, such as residential assisted properties and nursing homes)

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